About Us


ArtJZ is short for Art Joint Zone. In actual fact, “Joint Zone” is a military expression referring to an established area for simultaneous operations, such as air, land, or sea.

ArtJZ is an established player in art, design and photography. Our goal is to enhance interior design through the simultaneous operations of our artists, photographers, and interior designers. Our economical solutions include posters, canvasses, and framed art.

What we can do for you?!

Have you ever asked yourself how to improve your interior design without breaking the bank? Or how to make your home cooler and more unique through simple and easy steps?

If so, we are able to say that you’re at the right place.

ArtJZ will help you to add a beautiful touch to your home. Our wall art collections are the best economical solutions for transforming your home into a unique piece of art.

The People Behind ArtJZ

ArtJZ was founded in 2018 by a group of artists who have a passion for the fine arts. Our team include artists, designers, and photographers. We also collaborate with innovative artists from around the world to enrich our art collections and build a renewable wall art store.

We truly believe in the value of offering multiple fine art collections where our clients have different options for their selections. We know that it’s our responsibility to turn your rooms into the coolest places possible.


Our mission is to create stunning wall art for the purpose of improving interior design with the most simple and economical solutions.


Our vision is to bring art and creativity to every wall and enhance interior design to make all of our lives better.